As part of our process of continuous improvement, below is an important safety information document that provides you with enhanced instructions and warnings in order to ensure that you are using your AeroTrainer properly and safely.

We want you to be safe. The AeroTrainer must be used with caution and users must carefully follow the instructions. The AeroTrainer is unstable by design when used for many of the recommended exercises. It is important to Never sit on the large end of the AeroTrainer, and always keep your feet on the ground when sitting on the convex side. Failing to follow these instructions could lead to your falling or rolling off of the AeroTrainer potentially leading to a serious injury.

Take Action: Please read the instructions carefully, print a copy for easy reference, and always follow all these important safety instructions.

If you need assistance, have any questions about proper and safe use of the AeroTrainer, or want us to send you a printed version of these instructions and warnings at no cost, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-799-5838 or email us at

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