Working out has never been easier or more effective

No matter your age or level of fitness, with the GOLO-developed AeroTrainer you can strengthen, tone and stretch your muscles — from the comfort of your home.

Not only will you look and feel better, the inflatable AeroTrainer exercise bean helps you to:

Flatten Your Stomach
Woman doing stomach crunches and toning her abs on the AeroTrainer
Increase Strength, Flexibility, Mobility and Balance
Man performing a plank and working his abs on an AeroTrainer
Shed Pounds and Lower Your Health Risk Factors
Woman using an AeroTrainer to work her thighs doing a wall sit
Reduce Back Pain
Woman using AeroTrainer to stretch back muscles and relieve back pain

AeroTrainer - Developed by

GOLO for Life

A leading trusted health and wellness brand

Over 2 million people have chosen GOLO to lose weight and get healthier and now we are proud to introduce the AeroTrainer.

GOLO has been helping people for over 7 years with revolutionary products that can help you get fitter, trimmer and healthier.

GOLO developed AeroTrainer — the best way to get and stay in shape

The AeroTrainer is an ergonomically contoured, 2-sided and inflatable exercise platform that can support over 500 pounds. With its spherical base, concave seat and convex back, you can exercise several muscles at the same time, in a fluid, safe and effective way.

A labeled description of each component of the AeroTrainer system

See the revolutionary AeroTrainer stability platform in action

Watch how easily the AeroTrainer can transform your body — in your own home gym

The Core is Key

The AeroTrainer helps strengthen the 29 core muscles that provide the foundation for movement throughout your body

The core includes the front abdominals, side abdominals, back trunk muscles and the transverse muscles that pull and compress the entire core and help flatten the waist.

Woman stretching her abs at a 15 degree angle by using AeroTrainer’s unique shape

Pre-stretch with every exercise

The inflatable AeroTrainer exercise bean does something that even the most expensive exercise machines don’t always do — a pre-stretch action, safely keeping the abdominals and lower back engaged for maximum stretch and strengthening.

Woman doing stomach crunches using AeroTrainer and being supported in her back and balanced

The AeroTrainer helps strengthen these muscles easily

  • • protecting and supporting your back
  • • making your spine and body less prone to injury
  • • increases balance

Perform the perfect planks with the inflatable AeroTrainer exercise bean

The AeroTrainer eliminates sore wrists, back or shoulder pain or trouble getting up off the floor often associated with planking.

Labeled descriptions of muscle groups that AeroTrainer Planks helps to target and tone

Planks provide a total body workout that is safe and low impact and have many benefits that include

  • • tightening and strengthening your abs and core muscles
  • • building stronger back muscles
  • • building upper body strength
  • • boosting heart health, blood circulation and breathing
  • • helping to improve your posture
And planking for just 5 minutes a day can deliver noticeable results in body shape and strength
Woman using AeroTrainer to perform a beginner wall plank
Beginner Wall Plank
Man using AeroTrainer to do a core plank targeting the abs
Core Plank
Woman using AeroTrainer to perform the mountain climber variation of the plank
Mountain Climber
Man using AeroTrainer to do a single leg plank
Single Leg Plank

Strengthen and Sculpt your Legs

In addition to losing extra weight and getting in shape, the inflatable AeroTrainer provides the ultimate leg workout – with exercises targeting your quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves and inner thighs. Choose from a variety of exercises to progressively make your workout more challenging.

Woman using AeroTrainer to perform a bridge and tone her legs
Man using the AeroTrainer to perform a super squat and work his leg muscles
Super Squat
Woman Using the AeroTrainer to stretch and build her glutes and thing muscles
Donkey Kick

Do you suffer from back pain?

Back pain is one of the most common medical complaints. Activities like golfing, weight-lifting and other factors like age and posture can cause chronic back pain

Stretching and strengthening your back, while building core strength, creates balance between your lower back and abdominal muscles. Regular use of the portable seated AeroTrainer can provide back support and help prevent, and lessen, common back pain by targeting the spine and its supporting muscles.

Woman using AeroTrainer to safely stretch her upper back muscles
Upper Back Stretch
Man using AeroTrainer to perform a back extension and target his back muscles
Back Extension
Man using AeroTrainer to perform a back extension and target his back muscles
Lower Back Stretch

The AeroTrainer is the perfect tool for those seeking to add stability and comfort to their stretching and fitness regimen. Its superior workmanship provides ample support for all shapes and sizes. Its distinct contour allows you to perform a multitude of essential exercises and rehabilitative activities. I recommend it to my patients. The pump works great too... inflation is super-fast!"

Anthony Giantinoto, DC — Chiropractor

Get great results in less time

Woman doing a single leg plank in her backyard and in front of a pool
AeroTrainer being used by a woman inside of her home
Man using AeroTrainer on the deck in his front yard

When you exercise your core and total body on the AeroTrainer with our simple 5-10 minute workouts, you’ll start to look and feel better right away. No need to join a gym, suffer through long workouts and you don’t even have to get down on the floor to:

  • • Sculpt and Tone your body
  • • Lose weight and inches
  • • Increase energy
  • • Strengthen immunity
  • • Improve overall well-being
Woman holding tape measure to show how much weight she lost using AeroTrainer

Take the AeroTrainer one week challenge:

Try the AeroTrainer for 7 days and you can lose up to 2 inches off your waist. See how easy it is to get results FAST.

What people are saying about the AeroTrainer:

I have been using the AeroTrainer for about 6 weeks. My joints feel better and my muscles feel stretched and looser. It’s easy to use, versatile and low-impact.

David K.

Since using the AeroTrainer, my body has had the same results as the gym without the injury and waste of time. The AeroTrainer has really helped me feel fit and young, not to mention all the boundless energy I have. I highly recommend the AeroTrainer.

Joan Y.

I’m a world champion powerlifter and found the AeroTrainer a great addition to my workout – going between heavy training to the slow and soft movements with the AeroTrainer. I would recommend the AeroTrainer for anyone and all fitness levels.

Matthew D.

Reduce stress and improve your health with the portable seated AeroTrainer

Stress increases cortisol and causes weight gain and lowers your immunity. There are several great exercises to lower stress, tension and anxiety, improve breathing and oxygenation. Simply drape over the AeroTrainer and breath and feel the tension melt away.

Woman using AeroTrainer to perform a lower back stretch to relieve stress
Lower Back Stretch
Woman using AeroTrainer to perform an upper back stretch for stress relief
Upper Back Stretch
Woman using AeroTrainer to do a squat prayer stretch
Squat Prayer Stretch

Enhance your yoga and pilates practice with the AeroTrainer

Enhance the benefits of Yoga and Pilates when you practice on the AeroTrainer. Yoga and Pilates increase flexibility, lengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups and brings the body and mind together in balance.

Woman using AeroTrainer to perform a warrior stretch for yoga
Warrior Stretch
Man using AeroTrainer to perform a superman pose for yoga
Woman using AeroTrainer to do a core side crunch for Pilates
Core Side Crunch

Superior industrial design and quality

Car driving over AeroTrainer demonstrating that it can support over 500 pounds

Constructed of high-quality non-BPA PVC and containing four internal chambers to distribute air evenly, the AeroTrainer stability platform will keep its shape, is virtually burst-proof and will help you feel safe while exercising. Manufactured to the highest gym-quality standards, the AeroTrainer can support over 500 pounds without deflating and is covered by a one-year warranty.

AeroTrainer being deflated in 30 seconds and carried easily in the hand because of its portable design

Compact and portable, the seated AeroTrainer is your affordable answer to your fitness needs and goals. Weighing just 7 pounds, and inflating in under 30 seconds, the AeroTrainer is ready when — and where — you are.

The AeroTrainer Deluxe includes

Aerotrainer Deluxe
  • • High Quality Gym Grade PVC
  • • Easy Grip Handles
  • • High-speed electric pump
  • • Workout Poster and Instruction Guide
  • • Includes the GOLO for Life Plan
  • • FREE GOLO Online Support and Coaching

Get off the floor. Get on the AeroTrainer!

Get a full body workout from the comfort of your own home. Get in shape fast on the portable, inflatable and ergonomically correct AeroTrainer!

Try the inflatable AeroTrainer stability platform risk-free for 60 days and see how you can drop weight and inches, increase balance and strength safely and easily. What are you waiting for? Get the AeroTrainer now!

Man and woman standing next to the AeroTrainer with both their hands on it