“I have been using the AeroTrainer for about 6 weeks. My joints feel better and my muscles feel stretched and looser. It’s easy to use, versatile and low-impact.”

    David K.

    “Since using the AeroTrainer, my body has had the same results as the gym without the injury and waste of time. The AeroTrainer has really helped me feel fit and young, not to mention all the boundless energy I have. I highly recommend the AeroTrainer.”

    Joan Y.

    “I’m a world champion powerlifter and found the AeroTrainer a great addition to my workout – going between heavy training to the slow and soft movements with the AeroTrainer. I would recommend the AeroTrainer for anyone and all fitness levels.”

    Matthew D.

    I just received my AeroTrainer I think they nailed it with this design! Thanks GOLO! Shelley T.

    The AeroTrainer is an excellent choice for an at-home workout program. The shape allows for a multitude of different exercises, it’s lightweight and sturdy. Deric L.

    I love the AeroTrainer and look forward to exercising now. It helps me stay in alignment when doing squats and is more effective when doing crunches and push-ups. It’s a great exercise tool that will help improve flexibility and keeps you tone. The training guide gives you a variety of exercises and different ways to keep your routine fresh and the dietary guide is easy to follow and doesn’t restrict you from enjoying the foods you love. Victoria S.

    It’s so easy to do a fast and effective workout with the AeroTrainer. I was skeptical at first but after using it I’ve seen a big difference in a few weeks. I felt like I had a 2-hour workout in 10-15 minutes. The AeroTrainer is so convenient – you can workout whenever you want. Steven C.

    After years of back pain and surgeries, staying in shape became more difficult, even modified programs aggravated my symptoms. But the AeroTrainer gave me the support I needed when exercising. This has greatly reduced my back pain. Nancy R.