The Importance of Core Strength for Runners

Guest Author @ 2021-10-11 15:39:15 -0400

We’ve partnered with fitness experts from across the country this fall for a series of Q&As showcasing the benefits the AeroTrainer® exercise platform can provide to your seasonal workout.

Check out this Q&A on the importance of core strength for runners by personal trainer Kaila Proulx. 

Kaila, how has core strength training helped improve your running game?

Core strengthening is a significant component of my total training regimen. In fact, getting stronger overall has radically changed me as a person and helped me run stronger, healthier, and faster than ever before. 

Why is core strength important for runners?

Your core is the powerhouse of your body. It connects your trunk, pelvis, and spine to each other and the rest of your body, including your hips, legs, and shoulder blades. Essentially, it's the stabilizer for your entire body. And since running is a full-body exercise, you can see why having a strong core is critical. For runners, maintaining a focus on core strength is critical during the fall months.

Can you elaborate on that point?

Think about it this way. The primary role of your inner core muscles is to stabilize your spine and provide support while you're running. They transfer force through your body to prevent back, hip, knee, and neck pain. The core muscles also work in unison to allow you to breathe properly as well.

What are some of the common problems associated with a weak core?

A weak inner core puts you at risk for injuries and slows you down. I know a thing or two when it comes to being injured and unable to run. Studies have shown that almost every common running injury can be linked to a weak inner core. Why is this? It's because a lack of stability in your torso puts increased strain on other parts of your body (like your lower back, hips, and knees), eventually causing them to break down with repeated use.

How can the AeroTrainer help?

Working on core strength doesn't have to be a chore during the fall months. It can be fun. I often incorporate headstand practice into my core strengthening routine or use fun equipment like my AeroTrainer. The versatility of the AeroTrainer is especially helpful for core workouts because of its ability to make certain exercises easier or harder, depending on your experience and fitness level. 

Being a personal trainer myself, I know the incredible preventative and longevity-promoting benefits that exercise provides, no matter the season. So even incorporating short 5-10 minute bursts of activity on the AeroTrainer into your day can make a huge impact.


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