The AeroTrainer exercise platform’s unique design allows for over 20 different exercises. Strengthen and flatten your stomach, relieve back pain, increase flexibility, improve cardiovascular health, and reduce stress with the ergonomically correct AeroTrainer. The AeroTrainer is the affordable, portable answer to your fitness needs. Weighing just 7 pounds, and inflating in under 30 seconds, the AeroTrainer is ready when — and where — you are.

Flatten Your Stomach

Woman doing stomach crunches and toning her abs on the AeroTrainer

Strengthening your core muscles will help increase balance, support your back, and protect your spine.

Increase Strength, Flexibility, Mobility and Balance

Man performing a plank and working his abs on an AeroTrainer

Plank exercises on the AeroTrainer provide a total body workout — no matter your level of fitness.

Shed Pounds and Lower Your Health Risk Factors

Woman using an AeroTrainer to work her thighs doing a wall sit

Boost your heart health and energy, support your immune system and reduce inflammation.

Reduce Back Pain

Woman using AeroTrainer to stretch back muscles and relieve back pain

Safely stretch and strengthen your back muscles — helping you to prevent or lessen back pain. And also, reduce stress and anxiety.

The AeroTrainer is the perfect tool for those seeking to add stability and comfort to their stretching and fitness regimen. Its superior workmanship provides ample support for all shapes and sizes. Its distinct contour allows you to perform a multitude of essential exercises and rehabilitative activities. I recommend it to my patients. The pump works great too... inflation is super-fast!"

Anthony Giantinoto, DC — Chiropractor


4.6 out of 5 stars

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  • • High Quality Gym Grade PVC
  • • Easy Grip Handles
  • • Inflate and Deflate in 30 seconds with AeroTrainer electric pump
  • • Workout Poster and Instruction Guide
  • • Includes the GOLO for Life Plan
  • • FREE GOLO Online Support and Coaching

NO RISK 100% 60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE — we are so confident that you’ll love the AeroTrainer — but for any reason if you are not completely satisfied just call or email us within 60 days for a full refund.


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What is the AeroTrainer guarantee?


The AeroTrainer is purchased with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, contact 1 (800) 799–5838 or email us at to receive a full refund.

Is there a warranty?


The AeroTrainer comes with a 1-year warranty. If your AeroTrainer becomes ripped, torn or damaged please contact support to organize a replacement unit.

What if my AeroTrainer becomes damaged?


If your AeroTrainer is punctured, please use one of the 2x repair patches located with your AeroTrainer. If the AeroTrainer is not repairable please contact us.

What is the weight limit of the AeroTrainer?


The AeroTrainer weight limit is 500lbs.

What is the size of an inflated AeroTrainer?


When inflated, the AeroTrainer is 40" L x 37" W and 23" H. The AeroTrainer can be deflated after each use and stored in a closet or even under your bed.

What type of material is the AeroTrainer?


The AeroTrainer is created with PVC and non-slip Flocked PVC. The same material used to make your standard inflatable air mattress.

Is the PVC used in the AeroTrainer safe?


Yes, the AeroTrainer has been tested and approved with the below testing:

PASS Regulation (EC) No.1907/2006 REACH Annex XVII as amended,Item 51 and 52 Phthalates-Mouthable (DBP,BBP,DEHP,DIBP,DnOP,DINP,DIDP)
PASS California Proposition 65,Phthalates (DBP,BBP, DEHP,DINP,DDP,DnHP)

Is the AeroTrainer safe?


As with all exercise equipment, if the AeroTrainer is used incorrectly, you may fall off the AeroTrainer, which may cause serious injury. The AeroTrainer is unstable by design but if used correctly supports your body while you exercise. The AeroTrainer is designed for safety and comfort. The AeroTrainer has 4 air chambers built within the AeroTrainer which makes the product burst proof should the AeroTrainer be punctured in which case the unit would slowly deflate. The ergonomic design and handles help the user stay in control while exercising. View more information.

Is the AeroTrainer washable?


Yes, the AeroTrainer is washable. You can use a washcloth and soap to wipe down the flocking on the seat portion or anywhere on the PVC material. We recommend washing the product after switching users.

Does the AeroTrainer come with a diet program?


Yes, you will be provided with the scientifically proven GOLO For Life program, which includes booklets like our Metabolic Plan and Overcoming Diet Obstacles. You will also become a member of the myGOLO membership site where you can checkout meal plans, health tips and more. With the myGOLO membership you will also gain access to many other exciting products brought to you by GOLO. A $199 value absolutely free!


Meet some of the people who have had great success with the AeroTrainer!

Kinsey F.

The AeroTrainer is the perfect addition to my workout. It’s so versatile – I can work different muscle groups and stretch with yoga poses. I especially love how it trains my core and lower back muscles for the ultimate total body workout.

David P.

The AeroTrainer is a simple piece of equipment that is easy to set-up and requires only minimal space. You can get a great workout with a wide variety of exercises to choose from, you get a great workout.

Shelly J.

I love my AeroTrainer! The routines are simple but effective – you will feel the muscles you worked. I have bad arthritis in my hands and wrists and the AeroTrainer helps me with planks and other positions I wouldn’t normally be able to do.

David K.

I have been using the AeroTrainer for about 6 weeks. My joints feel better and my muscles feel stretched and looser. It’s easy to use, versatile and low-impact.

Joan Y.

Since using the AeroTrainer, my body has had the same results as the gym without the injury and waste of time. The AeroTrainer has really helped me feel fit and young, not to mention all the boundless energy I have. I highly recommend the AeroTrainer.

Matthew D.

I’m a world champion powerlifter and found the AeroTrainer a great addition to my workout – going between heavy training to the slow and soft movements with the AeroTrainer. I would recommend the AeroTrainer for anyone and all fitness levels.

Shelley T.

I just received my AeroTrainer – I think they nailed it with this design! Thanks GOLO!

Deric L.

The AeroTrainer is an excellent choice for an at-home workout program. The shape allows for a multitude of different exercises, it’s lightweight and sturdy.

Victoria S.

I love the AeroTrainer and look forward to exercising now. It helps me stay in alignment when doing squats and is more effective when doing crunches and push-ups. It’s a great exercise tool that will help improve flexibility and keeps you tone. The training guide gives you a variety of exercises and different ways to keep your routine fresh and the dietary guide is easy to follow and doesn’t restrict you from enjoying the foods you love.


4.6 out of 5 stars

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Only $79.80 Regularly $99.80 (Save $20)
or 4 easy payments of only $19.95 / month with

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ViaBill is not available in Canada